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If you do not plan to come to Morocco to study Arabic, you can also take our effective online courses in one of our virtual classroom.
We use a very modern virtual classroom for real-time online teaching and training over the internet. From your student Scholme Daschboard you can book your individual one-on-one sessions or in a group of no more than 8 learners. You will learn Arabic with a native Arabic speaker using Webcams and unlimited whiteboards.
Yes, we use the same concept of teaching and we use the same course material. However, there are still some advantages of the Arabic program in Morocco that we can not offer online. LEarning Arabic in its context speads up the learning process.
We have different programs at Scholme language center. According to the duration our students choose, intensive course, one-on-one or in a group, most teaching sessions start in the morning and end at 16:00 PM. After that students have more time to do other activities like going to the Gym, visiting a friend or having a walk in the old Medina..
We use "Arabic for life", "mastering Arabic" and our own materials developed by owr teachers in interactive PowerPoint learning.

Application Process

Yes, there is an online form you should fill out to an actual booking of the Arabic Program in Morocco. As you you can know, applications are accepted and processed after a complete registration and payment that is done online. Still, we recommand our students to get in touch with us for support during registration through instant chat or through a call..
Through our application form, the payment will be processed through PayPal. This service give you the possibility to pay with your credit card and Visa as well. If you do not wish to go through this process, we can accept payment through Bank deposit, WesternUnion and MoneyGram
8. Do I have to pay an application Fee? Yes, there is an enrollment Fee. The amount varies according to the program you choose. Please check the application page: Go to the application


If you decide to arrange accommodation by yourself, you will still enjoy all other FREE services, except that from accommodation. Our accommodation is offered with great discounts, FREE Internet, FREE electricity and water consumption.
We care about the comfort of our students. Our accommodation is beyond a normal dormitory. It is a lifestyle that combine real life and learning. We provide modern and fully furnished apartments where an average Moroccan in Fes would take for his family. You will learn Arabic while you live comfortably.

Life in Fes

Our partner restaurants are well-informed with the personal needs and requirements of our students. We have prepared more than 8 Vegetarian dishes to choose from. Additionally, our partner restaurants have their own vegetarian dishes you can choose from.
Scholme is aware with the climate, food and water change when living abroad. We have health talk prior arrival with our students. We ask for illnesses, allergies to be prepared for any emergency. Our partner restaurants are also aware of this and have a file of every student ready for them.
Yes, you can drink water from the water dispenser at Scholme language center. It is clean, fresh and healthy. If you wish, you can also buy mineral water. IT is cheap!
Scholme organizes trips, group dinners, going to the movies, and playing football. You can also visit the beautiful Ifran at the weekend or have a Moroccan picnic in the woods..
Some students spend their time in their apartments with other fellows. Others stay in the library preparing their homeworks and others teach their mother language in our center for extra money if they enroll in the program. Some other students take a tour in the city or visit other cities..


We will send you a check list of all the preparation requirements you need to have before you get on the plane two weeks beforhand.
Health insurrance should be arranged from the part of the student prior traveling. Scholme will provide assistance and doctor check-ups for minor illnesses as well as medicine
Yes, Scholme staff will help you with hotel and travel tickets if needed.

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